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Empower with Purpose is a not for profit organization who aim to help kids live a purposeful life. The organization is designed to give kids between the ages of seven and eighteen several opportunities to explore their gifts and talents. 


Empower With Purpose gives youth a purposeful life outside a life of drugs, alcohol, gangs, and other self-destructive activities. We aim to add to children's individuality.


We are a mobile organization, providing services to several schools, organizations, churches, groups, and communities.




Our Mission

Empower With Purpose realizes and understands that each person purpose is different.


Our individuality defines who we are and how we are designed to

contribute to the community. We strongly believe that everyone has strengths and talents and it is our goal to build upon these strengths to promote a healthy self image, self-esteem and self-confidence.


We aspire to guide youth toward a purposeful, fulfilling and successful future.



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