Monica Simmons, Founder and CEO

As a teacher in the public and charter school setting for many years, Monica was filled with compassion when seeing the adversities that children were facing on the day-to-day basis. Witnessing  first hand how poverty and socioeconomic status hindered the academic success of many children, Monica, a New Orleans native  found an escape out of the dying world around her through God and education while  many of her peers did not.


Burdened with a call for change, Monica left the educational arena in 2011 and founded the not-for-profit organization, Empower With Purpose. “ It’s true that everyone will not attend a institution for higher learning but everyone was created for a purpose.” Monica believes that with the right direction and  proper influence, children can find that purpose at an early age which can ultimately be a map to success.


As the CEO of Empower with Purpose, Monica manages the day to day operations of the organization, supervises the administration of all program, handles all public/community relations activities and still manages to works directly with the children in the program. 


Monica has an AA degree in Early Childhood Education, a BA in Education and a M. Ed in Administration and Leadership and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction.  Monica volunteers at several schools and is an active mentor for several children. She enjoys working with children, researching on the computer, reading, bowling and spending time with family and friends.